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Do you own a DSLR but still take ordinary, uninteresting photos?
"Now You Can Master Any DSLR Camera And 
Take Beautiful, Mind Blowing Photos by 
Following Step-By-Step Video Training"! 
"Use any device to get expert advice with easy-to-follow online instructions 24/7 on demand."
Hi there,
Celebrity Photographer Corey Reese here..

As you probably know I've helped over 236,327 thousand photographers create awesome images using digital cameras.
Above is an example of recent work.
Now, I've got something New for you-and it's very awesome.
After helping beginners for over 5 years, I know exactly what's holding you back from taking
photos that really impress your friends and family...and will sell online, at shows, and even

So if you're struggling to get the most out of your camera and finally get the recognition for your 
own amazing photographs, then what I'm about to share will make you extremely happy...
I Used To Be Like You
Look, I understand how it feels to compare your own photographs with what we see in
magazines, billboards, and online sites.

As a Newbie, it's not only frustrating but can get down right depressing, wondering "how was that shot taken?... thinking it's probably because they have a better camera than me"...or "I'll take photos that good, someday". Sometimes you even begin to wonder if photography is fun at all.. You start feeling frustrated because you're trying your best but nothing you do seems to get you the results you need

Like you, I didn't know the secrets. I couldn't afford expensive cameras or classes.
But I wanted to take great photos TODAY, not "someday"...
Are These Questions And Concerns Stopping You From
Becoming A Better Photographer? 
• Do you own a DSLR camera but take average photographs--a sign that you lack the skill and confidence
to get the best results?

• Have you thought about buying new gear hoping that will improve your photos?

• Are you always confused on how to set up your camera, lightening, aperture, ISO, lenses, so as to take amazing photos?

• Are you still left with some unanswered questions after reading blogs, forums, books and tutorials?

• Have you thought about taking photography classes-but want to save time and money?

• Do you think you're not ready to be a professional -- a mindset that you must overcome to succeed, get
recognized, and sell your own photos?

Bad Photos Are Not Your Fault
Old photos. Do your photos like like these?
So many new photographers and hobbyists get stuck on buying equipment. And they spend months hunting for ways to improve their skills.

Yet, after all that, your photos are average. Or worse.

Here's the truth: You Are Not To Blame For You Inability To Take Nice Photos! 

Why am I saying this? I spent hundreds of hours looking through information on photography out there (youtube, books, manuals), and it is extremely hard to find a resource that will tell you exactly what you need to know about taking great photos, turn you into a pro, step-by-step.

And the worst of all is that the professional photographers who know the secrets are not ready to share it with you because they are afraid of COMPETITION.

They prefer to sell you e-books that scratch the surface without going deep into the secrets of becoming a great paid photographer. These e-books make you more confused than when you started.

And even if you see a kindhearted top photographer who is willing to share his secrets with you, he will charge you nothing less than $5,000.

There's a better way....
It Takes Years To Become A Professional... If You Don't
Know The Shortcut 

These shots were taken after knowing the secrets of professionals...

How did I go from beginner to having my work featured on print ads, billboards, magazines, book covers and working with celebrities? 

Let me get right to the point... I didn't take classes Anywhere. Ever.

Instead, I tried all I could to improve my photography skills but nothing seemed to work. Then I went on changing my cameras thinking that the more expensive camera I use the better photos I will make.

I was mistaken… all my photos were still boring and unattractive no matter the camera and equipment I used. It was all soooooo frustrating!

But One Day... All Of A Sudden, My Research Paid Off! I discovered some hidden shooting techniques that helped me capture wonderful images using my basic digital camera. 

With these techniques, I could take a couple of shots and knew I would get something I loved.

It's SO MUCH BETTER than shooting over and over 20, 30, 100 shots hoping that one is just "okay.

Now I'm super aware of WHAT to look for... WHEN to photograph.. HOW to get the shot I want.  Crazy part is I'm sure that that photo will be good--- even before it's taken.

It's like a Six Sense, I feeling of "knowing" when the timing is right!

Seriously, this changed my life...
How Do You Quickly Learn Everything You Need To Create
Amazing Pictures 
Your shots CAN look like these! Here's how..

Let's be real: after getting a DSLR you found it takes more than reading the manual to get professional results from it.

I'm sure your quest for more information and answers began.

But there's the Internet with VAST amounts of information about photography, and it's so unorganized!  

I spent long years and thousands of hard earned dollars, researching, testing, experimenting on my own.  After years of applying what I learned, I began sharing these secrets with people online!

Nobody prepared me for all the questions about lighting, portraits, gear, studio photography, flash photography, natural light... and my ability to take any camera or even a smart phone and take awesome photos.

Now I've got the answers you're looking for, and they're here on this website. 
Just Imagine Being able to
  • Choose the right DSLR Camera not breaking the bank and still get all functionality needed.
  • Understand the Camera and how to use it regardless of the location
  • Stop taking boring photos nobody cares about and start taking amazing pictures worth selling that people will talk about.
  • GET SHARP, IN FOCUS SHOTS regardless of what your photographing.
  • Avoid the 5 common beginner mistakes and easily create great images instead.
  • Finally Grasp a complete understanding of the 3 elements Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO that will keep you in creative control over Motion and Depth of Field.
  • Learn the "Golden Hour" when most professional photos are taken
  • And much, much more...
But Don't Just Take My Word For it
Why Does This Work So Much Better? 
The principles I discovered can help almost anyone become an "expert photographer".
When it comes to creating great shots consistently, you'll be AMAZED at how well they work. .

And If you ever want photography to be a secondary or even full-time income the principles are essential.

Yet this information is hard to get. Either Pro Photographers hide it from the general public or scattered all over the place, unavailable in one location for easy access. 

NOW HERE'S THE SOLUTION: Everything you must learn to take professional quality images is on this very website.

You can finally start using any camera consistently  with confidence. Start taking your own amazing photographs that people will not only salute you but bring out the wallet to pay money for, if that’s your goal.

Pay Attention, I’m willing to tell you everything because I’m not afraid of competition.

With my work published all over the world, I’ve learned that it’s actually more fun and rewarding to share what I discovered… the very same information that launched my career.

My favorite part is when people go from average to full time using what I taught them.

Bottom-line: it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or have been struggling with photography for a long time… I want to help you. 

To make it easy, I took a video camera and recorded answers to all the top questions, and more. 

I carefully demonstrate how to use exposure and aperture, lenses, lighting, composition, software, and many other topics that people find difficult or confusing.

What's better, I'll show you how to succeed with my exact blueprint
  • Without all of the books or college courses 
  • Without years and tens of thousands of dollar doing research, practicing, making expensive mistakes and learning by trial and error.
  • Without buying one Latest Expensive Camera after Another.
It's right here: the guaranteed fastest way to improve your photography...
The Art Of Photography Made Easy
The Art of Photography Made Easy is a set of 41 videos totaling hours of in depth step-by-step training that will show you how to get the most out of any DSLR camera. 
Each video explains something you need to know to become a better photographer... FAST.

I created the training after receiving thousands of the same request for help from people that struggle with their camera and unable to take great photographs. And judging by the results others have achieved using my step-by-step video training, I'm SUPER confident this will help YOU too. 

The videos are accessible 24/7 online on demand so you can watch anytime with a internet connection

The Lectures are divided into sections to help you learn from start to finish or you can skip to what's important to you most.
Here's what you'll learn inside of the Guide
The Simple Way to Learn Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO For Creative Control Over Every Photo
  • Sharpness - Learn how to make sure your images are Crisp & Clear photographing landscapes, people, objects pretty much anything
  • Blurry No More - Blurry will be a thing of the past once you know the cool trick to control Motion
  • Learn How to See The Light using Natural light & Flash Photography
Choose The Best Equipment to Use
  • Lenses - Which lenses you need to create desired effect
  • Clamp Lights - Create Product Shot with Cheap Clamp Lights
  • Virtual Studio- how to use your very own virtual studio to test all lighting tools before buying.
How to Plan Photo Session. Get the Most Out of Your Picture Taking
  • Ideas - Creative Source for photo Ideas
  • Working with Subjects - Master working with People
  •  Discover what drives you creatively which in term provides you with clear vision to take your photography skills to the next level.
Controlling Light with Modifiers 
  • Umbrellas - When to use and how the lighting changes using them 
  • Reflector - How to create extra lighting on a budget
  • Soft Light Hard Light- how to use both to your advantage
Learn How to Find a Team
  • Models - Learn how to get Awesome Models to Pose for you
  • Makeup Artist & Wardrobe Stylist - Where to Look for Talent to help you
  •  You'll learn about finding a team Models, Makeup Artist, Wardrobe Stylist for Free/Trade For Time to work with. 
Adobe Photoshop 
  • Retouching - Smooth Skin 
  • Workflow - Process Images Start to Finish
  • Getting the Magazine Look
Adobe Lightroom
  • Presets - Add Special effect to images using free presets
  • Export Gallery - Create Online Gallery of Photo Session Inside Lightroom for viewing
  • Raw Files adjustments, getting the most out of Raw files versus Jpeg Format
What Does it Cost To Join
The Art of Photography Made Easy?
First, make no mistake this is a special offer with a low price, and that could change at any moment.

Also, the bonuses that I'm going to tell you about may only be available for a limited time.

But don't worry! I'm just giving you a fair warning. 

Please understand the information I'm sharing is extremely valuable. Hiring a Personal Professional Photographer for an 8 week workshop would total over $5,800 (USD). You're going to learn the same principles, and some of them are impossible to find elsewhere...

But you're not going to pay anywhere near that much.

Remember, I experimented for years to perfect my craft… reading all the books and blogs out there… taking countless photos and finally getting published around the world.

And my experience and proven knowledge is being handed to you on a Platter Of Gold!
“From start to finish Corey is a Pro!”
So while this information is invaluable, and though it took me years to find it, apply it, and develop it into concepts easy to understand for even a complete newbie… it’s going to cost much less than you think.

It’s going to be much less than hiring me to teach you 1-on-1.

And it’ll cost far less than learning photography by trial and error, where you can spend money on useless equipment… waste months or years trying to figure  the GOOD STUFF that works… AND STILL get zero photographs that you’re proud to show off…
But I'm Giving You Even More
You'll be receiving hours of video, but I'm adding 3 bonuses to help you get the most out of your photography if you want to start a career.
Bonus #1: Lighting Guide Cheat Sheet
To compliment the Training, I created a PDF e-book lighting guide. You can use it the next time your setting up your lighting.

Inside this guide you will find some of my exact lighting setup I use to create some of my favorite images. I also share with you the exact camera settings I used.

You will Know 4 Lighting Set-Ups Every Photographer Should Learn:
Value: $20
Bonus #2: Bonus How to Create Personal Website
  • Site - Resources to Use For Web Publishing 
  • Organize Work - Selecting Best Work for Web
  • And So Much More....
Value: $99
Bonus #3: How To Get Paid Work 
  • Marketing - Facebook  
  • Branding - Attracting People to your Work
  • How to Find interested people that want to work with you & Pay You
Value :$197
Here is My "You Have To Be CRAZY" 60-Day
100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
“Your Photos MUST Get Better
Or I’ll Send Your Money Back!”
Either This Works For You Or You Shouldn’t Have to Pay For It. if you join and decide to keep taking average, boring photos, just let me know because that's your choice. And if you go down that road, I'll gladly refund your money. 

In fact, you have a full 60 DAYS to watch all training videos at no risk.

What if you did nothing for 58 days, but watched the videos on day 59? I guarantee you’ll see they’re worth keeping. Otherwise, you can get a full refund by sending a quick email to me.

All I ask is that you give it a try…
Join The Art of Photography Made Easy
For An Awesome Low Price!
Join today for 41 videos and 3 bonuses at ONE LOW PRICE:
  • The Simple Way to Learn Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO For Creative Control Over Every Photo
  • Choose The Best Equipment to Use
  • How to Plan Photo Session. Get the Most Out of Your Picture Taking
  • Controlling Light with Modifiers
  • Learn How to Find a Team
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
Total Value : $1683.00
  • Bonus #1: Lighting Guide Cheat Sheet
  • Bonus #2: Bonus How to Create Personal Website
  • Bonus How To Get Paid Work
Total Value : $316.00
Please remember these are the very same strategies I used to finally start earning good money as a photographer.
The facts are, my experience is proven, my 1-on-1 consulting fee is $500/hr. So hiring me to teach you this material would cost $5,800… if I even had the time.
By watching the video training instead you get everything I would be teaching you 1-on-1 plus more, at at less than half of the cost!
Now, pay attention. The total value of The Art of Photography Made Easy is $1999, but right now you can get a SPECIAL 90.05% DISCOUNT with a 60-DAY 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – something not offered anywhere else!
But, you’re not going to pay $5,800
You won’t pay $1,999.
In fact, today you won’t even pay $499.
Now you can join for only $199.99! 
This Exclusive Rate Not Available Anywhere Else
The Art Of Photography Made Easy is the result of many years of experience, I have been published as a Model, Actor, Photographer, Cinematographer across magazines, TV, billboards that gives me a unique ability to train understanding ever aspect from the camera to relating to your human subjects.

It's impossible to get my exclusive strategies anywhere else because it comes with my unique experience.

And because of that, only The Art of Photography Made Easy Members will get stuff like my exact process I follow for shoots with budgets of over $50,000 dollars as you see below. 
Learning similar techniques from books, forums, blogs can be very hard as you know.

Plus, the only time to get The Art Of Photography Made Easy at this low price is right now.

So act Fast if you want in
What Real People are Saying
Here’s Everything You Are Getting Today
Just imagine you had all the information required to master DSLR cameras and take gorgeous photos. That knowledge available is inside The Art Of Photography Made Easy.

And remember, the course videos are on demand 24/7 from the Internet, so you can view them immediately from any device, even a smart phone. The bonuses are available as digital downloads and also on demand 24/7.

Here’s what you’ll have access to after joining:
Available Now for Only $199.99!
Truthfully, I know you’re going to be so happy when you get these videos and bonuses.

With  hours of video this is the most comprehensive digital photography training system available today – even going beyond classes at most colleges and universities with real life experience from someone living it!

You can watch the videos right now with any device connected to the Internet.

Even if it’s 11 pm you’ll have instructions to help you get the best photos possible.

In summary, The Act Of Photography Made Easy is the fastest way to get comfortable with a DSLR and taking better photos. I’m offering it to you at a temporary DISCOUNT. And I’m giving you 2 FULL MONTHS to try it RISK-FREE!
What To Do Right Now
Relax, joining The Art Of Photography Made Easy is very simple.

Just click the Add To Cart button below and enter your credit card or paypal details on the next page to get lifetime access for only $199.99.

You’ll checkout using a secure order page hosted by or, 2 of the largest online payment systems in the world. Their 256-bit encryption protocol will make sure your information is safe and secure.

When the order is confirmed, your browser will be automatically redirected to this website’s membership area. There you’ll enter a new username and password. These credentials can be used to access the site from any device with a web browser.

Once inside, you can start watching the videos and downloading the bonus materials.

By this time tomorrow you’ll be a better photographer!

Or Check Out With Paypal

Here’s the deal: As you know, great photography is not about expensive cameras, or the latest Photoshop features. You need the right techniques, a complete process that's consistent and predictably. For over 12 years I’ve perfected mine – which I now share with thousands of my students on this website.

This is a serious opportunity to gain pro-level skills and begin taking photos that you’ll be proud to share and get paid for.

So go ahead: click the Add To Cart button for lifetime access.  

And don't forget: I look forward to you sending me examples of how much your photos improved. With your permission I’ll show them off right here on this page! 

To your success,
Corey Reese

P.S. Let me repeat: The Art Of Photography Made Easy is THE shortcut to unlocking your creative potential. With my help you’ll start building a real portfolio – maybe even a legacy. 

Seriously, if you want to finally master a DSLR camera and start taking photos worth sharing and selling, you should buy now…